Professional Electric Manicure Manchine EU Plug Nail File Drill Machine for Manicure Pedicure Nail Art Nail Polishing Tool Kit

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Product Details

Electric Pen-shape nail drill machine:

Size: 16cm (L) x 2.4cm (Diameter of handpiece)


Voltage: 110V~240Vxa0

Variable speed control: up to 20,000 RPM

Handpiece can directly connected to electricity, easy to carry around!!

Light-weight design for precise operation!

Quiet and smooth

Can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails

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What Mill need to cut down грибковый nail?

  • Don\'t know, but think suitable for metal
  • не знаю
  • не знаю

What kind of cutter нужни Remover Gel Polish?

  • Corn with red notch
  • Keramiheski katoriy idyot after Nabor kasniy Ili galubov Cveta
  • Do not know it from me for not in this field is used

Good remove gel polish?

  • Yes well
  • Not know it from me for drugog designed

Than red ceramic blue different?

  • Red softer it for gel nail and blue in it for extension nail
  • The feeling that can, only color

  • Good Machine for personal use
  • it\'s a good one .. and easy to use just take extra heads with it

They differ from each other?

  • Prokticheski nothing
  • no goo

  • Nope

Who bought a pink machine with a small set of cutters for what price?

  • For $7

Ceramic cutter podaydut?

  • It is too weak, and I further ordered set collets fit all.

How much time it in Uzbekistan. Who got?

  • In Armenia it for 25 days

Someone can explain me what it is for what please

For a very long time there was a parcel and in the end I came a broken machine, it does not turn on. Has anyone else come to work?