Portable Led Lamp Nail Light for UV Light Nail Polish Dryer Mini Flashlight Torch for Nail Art Manicure Tools 8 Colors To Chose

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The product USES the Taiwan import LED bead light

macro, nine independent focusing cup, set good optical performance,

phototherapy speed is faster than general LED, equivalent to the speed

of the 12 w LED , general rubber nails for 25 to 30 seconds is dry;

Checkered anti-slip leather design, feel comfortable more slippery,

products are made of glass packaging, plating nickel alloy shell,

further improve the luminous efficiency, reduces the purple light purple

light attenuation, prolong the service life, light bead lifetime of

10000 hours, lifetime don\'t have to change the bulb; Product power

consumption small, waterproof, prevent pressure, earthquake, explosion,

corrosion resistant, low weight, wide application of fan, the flashlight

tail is equipped with tail rope, easy to carry, can be used for nail

phototherapy, yanchao, identification of jewelry, anti-counterfeit

trademark, etc.

Note: when using the product, not to direct light eyes.

Please remove the battery when not in use for a long time.

Battery holder for the positive itself (lamp) negative outwards (tail)



Product Supply: 3Pcs AAA Batteries (This Product Without Battery)

Voltage: 4.5V


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: 8.7* 2.6cm

Package Included:

1* Mini UV Gel Lamp LED Flashlight Currency Detector


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