Nail Set 40/30/20/10Pcs Color Gel Varnish With 35000RPM Nail Drill Manicure And UV Lamp Nail Dryer For Nail Art Cutter Tools

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Nail lamp power:

120W / 72W

Nail Drill Machine speed:


Types of nail polish :

40 PCS Color Gel Set

Nail lamp power:

120W / 72Wxa0

Nail Drill Machine speed:

35000RPM / 20000RPM

Types of nail polish :

30 PCS Color Gel Set

Nail lamp power:

120W / 72Wxa0

Nail Drill Machine speed:

35000RPM / 20000RPM

Types of nail polish :

20 PCS Color Gel Set

Nail lamp power:

120W / 72Wxa0

Nail Drill Machine speed:


Types of nail polish :

10 PCS Color Gel Set

Nail lamp power:


Types of nail polish :

20 PCS Color Gel Set

Manicure set instruction

Step 1. Use nail clippers to trim your nails to the proper length.

Step 2. Use a long black nail file to sand the edges of the nails to make them smooth

Step 3. First use dead skin push to remove dead skin around nails.

Step 4. Use a steel push to remove dirt from the nail crevices

Step 5. If some nails do not need to be applied with nail polish, you can polish the nails with a four-sided sand strip at this time to make them shiny.

Step 6. Apply a base gel to the nails that are going to be designed for nail art, and then use the nail lamp to dry for 1 minute to prepare the foundation for the next nail design.

Step 7. This step can begin to design the nail style.

We provide nail decorations that can design many different styles of nails. Here are a few simple modeling tutorials.

Modeling 1: After the base gel has dried, start applying nail polish. Do not apply very thick nail polish at one time, you should first apply a thin layer of color, dry it with a nail lamp for 1 minute, and then apply another layer of color and use The nail lamp dries for 1 minute. Finally, apply the top gel on the nails and dry with a nail lamp for about 1 minute. The basic manicure steps have been completed. Finally, you can apply nutritious oil around your nails and simply massage to make it better absorbed.

Modeling 2: Continue from step 6. After the base gel is dried, apply the French styling guide sticker and apply it to the nails in the correct arc. Then apply color gel. After the nail polish is dried, you can use Rolls Nail Tape Lines to paste the shape. Then you can paste nail stickers or other decorations (rhinestone, pearls). Then you can apply glue at a desired location and use tweezers to grab the favorite rhinestones and Pearl, fixed on the nail, and finally apply a layer of top gel, use a nail lamp to dry the top gel, a beautiful nail design is completed.I believe you can easily find more manicure tutorials on the Internet. Our tool can make many styles of nails.

Nail lamp power:



Nail Drill Machine speed:

35000RPM / 20000RPM


Up to Novosibirsk for almost a month is coming and it is not clear when it comes, the export of international mail from 27.12.21 and everything, so far somewhere in China

  • Do not worry, I also waited for thought will not come, but the courier directly brought home.

How much goes to Kursk?


4 varnishes were blown, and so for someone who wants to start to visit in this case, will go. Alien goods very quickly did not expect, in this huge pradavtsu +

The set is good. It's whole.

All kind of norms, only a few bottles of varnish were protected

All the varnishes flow, very upset.

The lamp and the device work as in the description, todko was a couple of lackles, but it's not so stoashno for such a price. Thank you to the seller for the fast delivery!!!

All as in the picture. Everything works

Thank you very much, everything came very quickly waited 5-7days, I liked everything

Good afternoon.nI received the parcel, everything is as in the description. The packing is whole, everything works very well. Thank you to the seller for patience, there were small problems with delivery, namely with the transport company. It's perfect. Order will not regret☺

Thank you so much! All things came, the machine and the lamp are excellent. The order is fast in 5 days.

Everything works, the varnish gel is very alive, delivery quickly reached in a week

Everything has come. very many varnishes are shed. very unhappy.


Thank you, everything came very quickly, everything is whole, the milling cutter works, the lamp is also excellent, all the lucky are whole. With the seller did not communicate, as everything came very quickly, before the deadline. Thanks again.

Seller Thank you! The order came quickly. the drill and the lamp works. There was 1 lacquer and a base. Seller recommend.

The goods came quickly appointed day, in 7 days, which is not expected. Everything came in integrity, nothing leaked. One minus dryer came not white, but pink, which is sad. Put 5 though it was possible 4

Everything is OK, it came quickly

7 gel varnishes broken

In karobka, most of the Varnish was protected, left on the bottom in each, badly twisted, the equipment as a whole is good

They brought home a courier. In Kazan for 5 days. The whole thing. Thank you seller.

Set good all works very wellnLamp 120W high power dry fastnThe Speaker is the same awesomenOne varnish is not what terriblenAdvise

Came quickly, everything is high quality.

The set of course went to Novosibirsk for a long time, probably more than a month, and so it turns on everything glows, hums, we will see how long it will last,, lucky did not melt, but the colors of course shameful green and pink, ponomovye, so lucky separately ordered more, Therefore, in this set, I need only a lamp and a machine, storms need others, these are some ponorochnyen.

Everything works well, just a few bubbles leaked

Very quickly, everything is whole, it works))))

Everything works, thank you. The flow is completely top. The parcel did not arrive in the short term. Waited three weeks.

To Irkutsk, take a month.

5 varnish protector

Everything came quickly in full composition, but lucky is a lot of protochchie.

Some varnishes were leaking, but otherwise everything is fine.

When unpacking, everything was filled with something sticky flowing lucky all spread out

In the set there were no brushes and packing with nails

Did not report 3 brushes and false nails. Goods came quickly

It was packed neatly. But the gels and tops came dry, for this it is offensive. Lamp and apparatus working. .. The parcel itself came quickly within 2 weeks.

Came all the poured varnishes, the gel is very soft, after drying and peeling the nail, the cuticle oil flows, the gel is not necessary to buy.