fengshangmei 15ml Nail Tops Gel UV Varnish Sealer Led Nail Gel Polish Diamond Top Coat

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fengshangmei 15ml Nail Top Gel UV Varnish Sealer Led Nail Gel Diamond Top Coat

Our dimond top coat advantage:

1. More shining

2. Keep clear color

3.Smoother face

Use steps

1. Shape the nail. Lightly buff the surface of the nail plate.

2. Apply a thin coat ofxa0base coat from the cuticle to the free edge (Remember to seal the edge of the nail). Dry under UV or led lamp.

3. Apply the color gel and Dry under UV or led lamp

4. Apply our diamond top coat andxa0Dry under UV or led lamp


Girls like products?

  • Great!!! I love it!!! Very cool top!!
  • Excellent tops, use them for almost a year, periodically orders, moderately thick, price the quality is very good, feel free to take
  • So-so
  • Very good, just use it

Lamp needed

  • Sehr glücklich Dankeschön beste Produkt ich bin U0001f929
  • si, se necesita lámpara
  • Yes, it dries in the lamp

  • sim
  • yes
  • Si

and also good for semi-permanent?

  • he and great loved
  • Yes and it has a great shine, it\'s wonderful !!
  • super Is To semi permanent

Girls, втирку hold?

  • Gel nail good and fast sent and втирку probyvala is not.
  • Top not come
  • don\'t understand Russian loll

how to wear? shiny good? thick?

  • top excellent. блисит long wear and no stickiness. very good заказываю has 3 times
  • nice and bright only it is slightly thick
  • good

Top in plastic bottles

  • Very good quick drying product and very bright.
  • Recommended

Girls tell us more details about top., how long does shine, scratched, yellow, erased?

  • From body to body, there is a UV filter, the white is not yellow. Shine lasts all in different ways, one is like. Mostly good
  • Yes it does shine, no scratches, but it yellow a bit after put it on the lamp to dry especially on colors like white

Thick top?

  • Medium. Rhinestones perfectly holds. Glitter chic
  • It\'s great I\'m very happy

Can be used on natural fingernail?

  • Can as a shield Diamond, however, can only be removed with electric file
  • No

The goods did not receive ??? the money was not returned.

  • very very good
  • Very good top, large glass bottle. Came quickly, well packed. Top without sticky layer.

Girls for втирки fit?

  • Fits
  • english please

  • Yes
  • Can yes

Need booth UV or LED to dry?

  • Need Sim
  • Yes, you need.

Girls like base and top to wear? As holding.?

  • Top took and very much
  • Base smart, easy to align, sags, not slaziet

  • sim
  • Yes full

There is an adhesive layer?

  • No
  • Is a top coat

Have to pay some value to deliver in Brazil

  • I also not paid nothing
  • Not paid nothing

you have tried on, acrylic nail design. this hcse secaille finish.

  • take constantly, during all is well packed and comes
  • really super cover финишное this, and how it can be used as base and завершающее, super gloss

Dry to natural or do I need lamp for dry do?

  • Dry with led/uv lamp

  • Product excellent

Can it be used on natural nails?

  • I use it in natural nail but not direct if it\'s what you mean I use it after the gel de color

Tell me, the top does not turn yellow on light shades?

  • Not

How does glitter hold?

  • Excellent top, glitter holds for a long time, not liquid .. I am very pleased that I bought it.

What is it? The goods did not receive, the tracking is closed and the money is not returned.

  • Not understand the question?

Hello please tell me how top quality Sock? thank you in advance You

  • Fine, thick, recommend.

Nebera primers or acid not безкислотный. Just in vinegar, in another simple acetone!!!! I master with 11 years experience, try their primers замахалась pockets cut immediately after modeling, changed to your primer and voila it before well. Feedback about tops good put a negative PR primers was kudato

  • ?

  • About 15 to 20 days, but depends on the material you use to remove the enamel, only pure, believe around 30 days

  • Not need wipe off to dry. Perfect

  • If it\'s great

AND how you primer use?

  • The same company, cool

OII… would know if can use on enamel common to dry with LED? And which forms remove this kind of top coat?

  • Hi, yes you can dry it in uv or led lamp and for removing I have a nail drill machine!

  • Both works as well

Hello, the top to wear? Email, please!

  • Have not tried, with the same but dull go second week

Have to pay anything to entrgar in Brazil

  • No

It is UV?

  • Yes is very very good for gel

sells no wholesale? package with more units.

  • Is very good product and very fast shipment and serious seller

good for semi-permanent not crack? how much more or less lucidò hard?

  • nustiu dacă merge pentru. eu îl manichiura cu folosesc the gel. și durează luciul pana 5 6 săptămâni. sunt încântată de el.

  • it took mto more compensou mto good super indico

to wear how much? keeps long?

  • not gel херовый магнитится. all and red.

without lamp dryed?

  • no you need a lamp to dry this polish

french желтеет времинем with no?

  • otimo


  • normal not cloggy

sticky layer?

  • no, dry surface