7 Pcs Tungsten Carbide Acrylic Milling Cutters for Electric Nail Drill Machine Manicure Pedicure Drill Bit Polishing Tool

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7 Type Carbide Burrs Nano Coating Nail Drill Bit Metal Bits For Manicure Electric Nail Drill Accessories


Item Type: Electric Manicure Drill & Accessory

Material: Carbide Tungsten Steel

Color:LMH-180918-01: Rainbow


Weight:LMH-180918-01 38.2g

LMH-180918-02 31.2g

Product Size: 3.2*3.2*6cm/1.3**1.3*2.4in

Size: 3/32" (Suitable for most standard size nail drill machine)


1. UNC:

The shape of the UNC (Under Nail Cleaner) bit is pointed and small .This particular shape helps the bit to get in tight spaces.

The UNC bit is commonly used for not only under the nail cleaning but also for sidewalls.

Some nail technicians also use this bit for making designer holes in the nails.

2. Barrel Bits:

The barrel bits (Flat or Smooth Top) are great for doing the surface work on the nail. You can also use the barrel bits for backfill cutting, shorten and shape the nail and make a smile line. With smooth top, experienced users for super-quick artificial nail removal or de-bulking.

3. Cone Bits:

The cone bit has a long, slim and tapped shape. You can use this cone-shaped bit for several purposes such as preparing the cuticle area and sidewalls and cleaning under the nail. You also can use the cone bit on the top of the nail, it is a great shape for toenail surface work.

4. Brush attachment Bit:

Use to brush away debris and dust under the nail after pushing up or filing.

5. Nail drill Set features 6 different tools and 1 brush so you can clean, sharpen, grind, neaten, carve, smoothen, polish and reshape gel nails, and stimulate nail growth.

6. No matter what you want - manicure, pedicure, cuticle trimming, and even carving under the nail - there is a tool for you. The set can even be used with gel and acrylic nails to smooth them out.


1. Keep away from children

2. Disinfect nail drill bits after use

3. Please allow +/- 0.05mm error due to hand measurements.

Product Include:

6 x Nail Drill Bits

1 x Brush

1 x Box


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