Nail Art Brush Pen Detachable Metal Flat Crystal Carving Polish Gel UV Painting Drawing Line Tips Tool Flower 3D Design Manicure

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Type: Nail Art Brush

Handle Material: Metal

Brush Material: Nylon fiber

Brush length: as picture show


1pc nail art brush (select your favorite style)


1.Suitable for natural nails, false nails and 3D nail art.

2.Suitable of professional use or home use!

3.Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nail tips!

4.For drawing lines, fine details,flowers, patterns, etc.

5.Easy and convenient to use.


square base rounded or better brush applicator which?

  • руской yellow round
  • round
  • round
  • round
  • ovalus

A brush best apply gel nail.

  • I bought a квадртной tassel purple color, but is now available with rounded end\'s easier to apply gel
  • I use a rounded for gel and gel polish best applied by brush of bottle
  • I use gold, it скругленная very easy to apply with a base and top)
  • To me more like a square

Tell me how many pieces per 59.50 complete? this price for 1 piece or six ???

  • The price for one piece
  • Apiece
  • For one
  • For one thing!

how much is order?

  • three weeks about
  • шёл me about a month. brush good!
  • three weeks

For monograms advise and for flower beds

  • Yes, quite good. For fine lines will need to cut out
  • For flower beds me like gold, for monograms take set линиарных brushes Борн Прети

прорисовок and delicate вензилей is best for?

  • голубея, pile подлиньше where
  • i am not a, i took self thin short) ladies experience can, посоветуют better)

nail gel for which is better?

  • согласна. gold. for small well and, took more colors and patterns stretch thin
  • закруглённым end with gold

Yellow brush suitable for display acrylic on top form?

  • Полигель smoothed excellent\'s, don\'t stay brush marks, as. Pile moderately soft. The work very much

with for take what? and will пушится monomer?

  • Blue

brush is for blue акригеля?

  • yes. excellent

girls френча beveled brush for ever enjoyed who?

  • no

приходила molar brush to any???

  • yes, mo закала back, i like ?

please tell me what size do u brush серенивой and pink. (square and direct square beveled!)

  • brush тоненькая drawing. прокрашивания or hard to reach places)))))

someone tried base or nail gel for yellow)

  • i вензелей for cap blue. comfortable. came protective case.

modeling brush blue is for girl?

  • must believe.

artificial pile?

  • Yes

Please this price is the 6 is a match for 3, 24

  • brush for one

A number of thin?

  • The number is not know but the brush is super very thin paints

ATP everything!)

  • Cap spadyvaet at a great pile